Take STRIDES to a Healthier YOU!


    Hi, I'm Sarah.

    I believe WALKING transforms and heals lives. 

A simple fitness walking routine saved my life! 

    * I shed > 90lbs

    * Regained my confidence

    * Brought back my inner athlete 

    * Designed my life around my purpose

I would LOVE to be your Personal Walking Buddy!

Together, let's navigate toward a healthier, happier YOU. 


What do you say, are you ready for happy health?


4 Weeks

Body Confidence

Boost your self-image with this 4-week guide to loving your body. 

8 Weeks

Walk 2 Be Fit

For the next 8 weeks, let's get moving together with my 8 week home workout guide. 

16 Weeks

Weight-loss Walkshop

This 16-week walkshop takes you step-by-step through a tailored program designed to aid in weight loss. 


Athlete. Runner. 

Sarah has always trained me as an athlete. Even when I didn't feel like it at all. 

Power in the Park

The accountability is truly amazing. We all showed up and worked out. We became a Family. This is the healthiest I have been in a long time. 

Walk 2 Be Fit

I have loved the different ideas to help me stay active. These exercises keep me feeling strong and healthy. 

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