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#1. What area do you want to work on first?

Friends Walking Home

Physically Fit

As a personal trainer, I have designed walking programs that will build strength, boost your energy and create habits that will last a lifetime. My expertise is in weight-loss & really love helping you tap into your inner athlete. I can help design workouts or just help you feel comfortable in a gym environment.

Healthy Diet

Food is Fuel

Certified in Sports Nutrition, I'll help debunk old myths, fuel your body for fitness & learn how to make simple recipes that keep you satisfied.

You’ll see an improvement in your mood, be able to identify & manage those cravings. 

Smiling Girl

Mind Gym

Building your mind gym is just as important as building your physical muscles. As a CTA certified Life Coach, we can Walk & Talk on the trail or sit & sip over a coffee to set goals, reset habits & reflect. Yes, even virtually. 

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