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About Strides Life

I offer a well-balanced approach to lifestyle improvement. 

Through Personal Training sessions or a walk in nature, together, we build healthy habits that last a lifetime. 


Are you looking for:

* Personal Trainer

* Health Coach

* Fitness Buddy

* Life Coach

This individualized approach to lifestyle change is proven to work and last. Learn more about your coach to see if we are a good fit. 


About Coach Sarah

Growing up on a small farm in West Michigan, I learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Whether I was pedaling peaches at the farmer’s market or taking family walks through the fields, I learned to value the impact that people can have on each other's lives.
After moving around the country then becoming a mom, I’ve learned to appreciate the connections that people have even more. Learning people’s stories and approaches to life. They are all so different. I guess that what inspires me most and keeps me consistently engaged with those around me.
Since my upbringing was far from traditional, I bring a unique style to coaching. I have this eternal optimism in all people, an unruly competitive edge as well as the ability to always find a reason to laugh.
I hope our paths will cross soon!

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