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Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Springs has to be my favorite memory so far in Colorado. The hike itself was the perfect combination of strolling through bright wildflower meadows, cooling down beneath the large pine trees and climbing between magical Aspen forests.

Hike Stats

Length: 8.5 miles (one way)

Difficulty: Moderate

Beginning Elevation: 8,700 feet

Ending Elevation: 11,200 feet

Trail use: Heavy (I suggest going on a week day)

Check out more details in the National Forest Conundrum Hiking Guide

Be prepared for the following:

  1. Dehydration – drink more water than you think you need. The hot springs can drain you so limit the time you are soaking.

  2. Changing weather – we encountered rain, hail and extreme heat.

  3. Free Spirits – clothing optional is a lie. Everybody is nude in the springs and if you are lucky you will get to experience some Nekid yoga from the “locals”.

  4. Wine/Alcohol – Don’t bring a bladder of wine or you will have to deal with #1 (trust me).

  5. STARS – the sky is literally right on top of you! Stars will just feel like they are falling on you.

So many wonderful memories from this trip. I hope you get to experience these Hot Springs in the near future. Please share your experience with me!

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