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Why Walk?

Set a Walking Goal for the month. There are so many benefits to walking.

Please go for a walk & Think about the prompts below.

INTENTION: Over the next month, I want to _________________ so that ____________________.

I'll start: "I want to walk every day and challenge myself to slow down and process my internal dialog so that the pressures of covid, homeschooling, and politics don't flood my mood and take over my mental, physical & spiritual health. And also to laugh, A LOT!"

For extra accountability, feel free to share why you walk with me

4 years ago I started doing my own WALKtober challenge where I wanted to connect with other people. I made it my mission to walk with 31 new people for the month. Each person I walked with had to link me to another person to walk with. It was messy and beautiful. Another year, I took a photo of the people I walked with and attached a word to each day. That was a fun, creative way to stick to my goal.



~ Why Walk?

~ What personal benefits do you get from walking?

* Share on the virtual walk, with your buddy, send us your response, and/or share in the Facebook group (and with your friends)!


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