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10 Min. Stair Workout

Crush this stair workout at home or at a park. Get ready to sweat! Follow along with my video below or scroll down for the routine. Enjoy!

Running Up the Stairs
12 min Stair Workout (2).png



Complete the following:

A. 1 minute Stairs

B. 30-second upper body (repeat 2-3 times)


1A. Step up

1B. Mt. Climber

2A. Side Step Up

2B. Push Up

3A. Wide Squat Step Ups

3B. Cross Overs

4A. Side Step Squat

4B. Wide Push-Ups

5A. 2 Step lunge

5B. Tricep Dips

6A. Side Lunge

6B. Plank Raises


  • Protect your knees! Make sure each step your knees don't cave in or jet out too far. 

  • Step up with your entire foot, not just your toe.

  • This workout doesn’t need to be done as fast as possible but try and keep a steady pace. Your heart rate should be controlled so you can keep moving through without rest. Be intentional with each movement.

  • Breathe. Not just out, be sure you are breathing in too. 

  • For an extra challenge, add weight to any of these movements. I don't recommend ankle weights as I feel it adds too much pressure to the patellar tendon. But you do you. 

  • Turn up your own music and have some fun!

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