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20 Min. Superset Workout

I love this workout for an everyday simple routine. This is a full-body workout to hit all the major muscle groups. Try to keep the sets back to back to keep your heart rate up.  

12 min Stair Workout.png



Complete each set 4x 

*no need for a timer but it should take you between 20-30 seconds per exercise. 


1A. Chest Press 

1B. Bent over row

2A. Sumo Squat

2B. Rev. Lunge


3A. Kettle Bell Swing

3B. Side Bends

4A. Downdog to Wide push-ups

4B. Glute Bridge hold & Fly

Why Superset?

Supersets are a really simple way to set up an exercise routine. A superset is 2 exercises performed back-to-back, alternating between the 2 exercises for a number of reps & sets. Personally, I like my superset routines to work either antagonist (opposite muscle groups) or agonist (similar) muscle groups. 


 This workout consists of 4 antagonist supersets and you’ll be doing 12 reps of each exercise 4x. Try to move between the two exercises with minimal rest, resting as needed between each superset.


  • Keep this quick. There shouldn't be a ton of time between the exercises or the sets. 

  • Kettlebell swings are not really swinging - be controlled and intentional with this movement. 

  • Breathe out when you lift the weight and slowly back in when you lower the weight. 

  • As always, turn up your music and have some fun!

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