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Upper Body Sculpt

I love doing this upper body burn on Friday. Finish the workout and you will see why. 

Fit Woman



Complete the following:

Set a timer for 30 seconds (interval timer 5 sec. rest) get in as many reps as you can (repeat 3x)


3 Way Tricep Pulls

Lat Pull Down

Overhead tricep extension



Single-arm shoulder press

Lateral Raises

Front Raises



Bent-over Row

Elbow Kiss & Press

Wide - Narrow Push-Ups



Bicep Burnout 7x7


  • Roll your shoulders back and down. Be sure you know how to pack your scapula and have nice upper body posture before lifting anything.

  • Stop using your neck. 

  • Shorten the time or lengthen it depending on your fitness level. I like 30 seconds because I know I won't compromise my form. 

  • Breathe. When you lift the weight breathe out and slowly breathe in when you lower the weight back down.

  • For an extra challenge, add weight to any of these movements WITH the band. 

  • Turn up the music and have some fun!

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